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BOWMAN: Christmas lights and bubbles

Sharon Bowman Christmas lights and bubbles A lot of people haul out champagne for the holidays; it’s like that, it’s suggestive. I, however, as someone who guzzles the stuff at every wine bar and restaurant and private residence in the land, rejoicing when a muzzle is offed and a conic cork removed—well, you’d think I […]

BOWMAN: As the wine turns

Sharon Bowman As the wine turns –Flashback– Seamus wasn’t looking quite himself this morning. I’d made a Halloween pumpkin, carved out a carefully plotted set of eyes, one nose, one mouth. It glowed prettily with its fangs and squint, set on a windowsill. But that was a week ago. So long, Seamus, I glibly proffered […]

BOWMAN: Very pale bubbles

Sharon Bowman Very pale bubbles Oh, psssh, this blog hasn’t flatlined, what are you talking about?* Mysteriously, no post has appeared in two months. It could be that they do not sprout, like mushrooms after a rain, but rather must be hewn from the living blogosphere, like so many sculpted soaps. The wine-writing bug is […]

BOWMAN: Wine & film

Sharon Bowman Wine & film Every summer from mid-July to early August there is an outdoor cinema festival at the Parc de la Villette in the northeast corner of Paris. As night falls at 10.30pm or so in these long days of the year, the film starts late, leaving a broad expanse of time to […]

BOWMAN: Proust for winos (or vice versa)

Sharon Bowman Proust for winos (or vice versa) I had a madeleine the other day. Not the tea cake, but y’know, one of those things that jogs you, like a cobblestone sticking up that catches your foot and makes you stumble into the past. A wine remembered from earlier times, one that conjured up those […]

BOWMAN: Hello, Grenache gris!

Sharon Bowman Hello, Grenache gris! This is my latest thrill. And it’s thrilling* 2008 Domaine de L’Anglore „Sels d’Argent„, which I tasted a couple of months ago twice, two days in a row, made my eyes pop. 2008 Clos de l’Origine „Les Quilles Libres”, tasted recently, confirmed that I must inquire more into the grape, […]

BOWMAN: The "T" word, followed by the "N" word

Sharon Bowman The „T” word, followed by the „N” word I have nothing against tasting notes. Truly I don’t. Some people write such lively and lovely ones, one wants to read them for the joy of it, not necessarily in order to bone up about the wines being described. Interesting, that: the tasting note is […]

BOWMAN: Vin nature & andouillette... nature

Sharon Bowman Vin nature & andouillette… nature Terroir, yes, indeed. It is often said—and rightly so, I think—that the foods and wines of a region flush, by nature. Some kind of terroir symbiosis. Some earthy confluence of tastes and angles. Swig that Sancerre with your local goat cheese (come to think of it, hit the […]

BOWMAN: Still bubbling up

Sharon Bowman Still bubbling up Unable to contain myself, I have returned to my frequent thematic stomping ground of farmer fizz. Just up, a guest post scribed by me for my friend Scott Reiner’s blog, The Wine Explorer. In the meantime, I shall sedately relax from the pleasant aftereffects of a few bottles of Lassaigne […]

BOWMAN: A Pommard. Like that

Sharon Bowman A Pommard. Like that Yes, Pommard. It’s one of those things that people who don’t know anything about wine know. Like Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Margaux. The word Pommard has a heft to it, a stately ring. I knew Pommard when I knew little about wine—less about Burgundy, even, than Bordeaux (my early days were […]

BOWMAN: Color in blanc de noirs

Sharon Bowman Color in blanc de noirs At a recent day of tasting in the small Loire village of Valaire, I joined champagne vigneron Olivier Collin at a table full of Italian wines. The Roagna lineup included a white, „Solea,” that was mostly chardonnay, but which included a certain amount of nebbiolo in the blend […]

BOWMAN: Unexpected addiction

Sharon Bowman Unexpected addiction It was a month and a half ago, back in the dim gloom of mid-December, as the days were pulling tight and the dark, cold curtain of night fell with its heavy, blunt blade earlier and earlier… (I should cue some atmospheric music or something. How about bluegrass? Nah.) I went […]

BOWMAN: Fizz, fizz

Sharon Bowman Fizz, fizz For all those who have an unquenchable thirst for more about champagne, surf away immediately to the excellent website Paris By Appointment Only and peruse my roundup of some fine bubbles I’ll try to be drinking again post haste in 2010. * Sharon Bowman, bloggerka, znawczyni wina. „Kultura Liberalna” nr 52 […]

BOWMAN: As the palate turns

Sharon Bowman As the palate turns It’s the end of the year, but I’m not going to do a „best of” or „top #” post. I’m just not. In fact, I’m just going to slap up a picture I like of a wine that pulls no punches, and then ramble about other things. The year […]

BOWMAN: White, black, white

Sharon Bowman White, black, white The intention was obviously to write about an astounding champagne I’d had a few weeks ago. But then other great bubbles came my way, and I realized it would be hasty to sum up everything in one epiphanic blanc de noirs. So I’ll give you a pair, instead. 2006 Lassaigne […]