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W walce o demokrację

nie robimy sobie przerw!

Przekaż 1,5% na Fundację
Kultura Liberalna

Przekaż 1,5%
na Fundację Kultura Liberalna
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Felix Creutzig

Pragmatic Action to Deal with Climate Change

This week, the world is looking at Warsaw where the world’s ministers of environment gather to argue about best solutions to tackle climate change. The fundamental fight is over which countries are allowed to emit what share of the emissions. As every country insists on their historic rights to pollute the atmosphere, the stable equilibrium is: no action. International climate conferences are uphill fights.

Aleksandra Niżyńska

[Feminizując] Serial z gatunku gender political fiction

Któż z nas nie oglądał „House of Cards”? Demoniczny polityk, mszczący się na swoich partyjnych kolegach za brak nominacji na stanowisko sekretarza stanu oraz jego równie przebiegła i niebywale skuteczna żona, prowadząca fundację pomagającą Afryce, to główni bohaterowie amerykańskiego serialu o kulisach waszyngtońskiej polityki.

COOPER, TORREBLANCA, SHATTUCK, PAGOULATOS, FALSKI: Europe, or the death of peripheries

[Wersja polska/Polish version] Dear Readers, Jerzy Stempowski, Polish essayist well-acquainted with European culture, wrote melancholically in his essay “Rubis d`Orient”, published in the mid-1950s that after the horror of two world wars, the Old Continent has become more like its old peripheries. So distant like the Moldovan Bessarabia, where due to many wars, people have […]

Łukasz Pawłowski

Change is a „right” thing now

Barack Obama won re-election, his party managed to hold the Senate, and the House of Representatives is still – exactly as before the elections – dominated by the Republicans hostile to presidential administration. Nothing has changed? By no means, potential changes are more than plenty, but the most important one concerns the American right.

BODNAR, BARAN, WCIŚLIK, BYCHAWSKA: Should Hungary be excluded from the European Union?

[WERSJA POLSKA] 1. ADAM BODNAR: Viktor Orbán: dismantling democracy 2. MAGDALENA M. BARAN: Orbán’s fireworks 3. PIOTR WCIŚLIK: Something worse than a dictatorship: Victatorship 4. DOMINIKA BYCHAWSKA-SINIARSKA: Attempt on democracy Adam Bodnar Viktor Orbán: dismantling democracy. Few years ago we feared that the IV Polish Republic would become indivisibly prevalent. The process of a creeping […]